"Dear Ken,
Thank you very much for helping us to sell our condo.Your advice on how to make it appealling to buyers helped us to get much more than we expected.In fact,you got us $4,000.00 more than any other condo in the building.We will refer our relatives and friends to you whenever they plan to sell."
A & C Gregory.

"Dear Ken,
...our home was on the market for over 2 years with 4 different real estate agents,without any luck.They kept insisting that we reduce our price.How-
ever,you came along and told us not to waste money on painting or replacing the broadloom,but instead to make a minor alteration which cost us less than
$500.00 and which made the home more attractive so that it was sold within 5 weeks for more than it was listed by the previous 4 agents.You were exceptional!!"
S& C Mitchell

" Dear Ken,
Thank you for all your advice and help.You saved us at least $12,000.00 by advising us against redoing our bathroom and kitchen prior to putting it up for sale.Your redecorating tips and marketing strategies made us get the highest price on our street after 3 offers.Thanks and God bless you...."

Hi Ken,
We want to let you know how impressed we were with your real estate strategies
and your negotiating skills.We were very
impressed with how fairly and professionally you handled the offers we received and how,eventhough prices were still falling,you made us $23,000.
more than we paid two years ago.Your home preparation tips obviously work well!You were fantastic.
J & B Grech

You are,truly,a Miracle-Worker!
I did say to you and (client)that you would have to be a miracle worker to be able to persaude the vendor and,moreso,
his Real Estate broker and lawyer to accept his offer with all those unusual conditions he instructed us to include.
Well,you did it.Congratulations!
You are obviously a very skilled and patient negotiator.Well done,Ken"